Location, Hotel Abril 37, Ciutadella de Menorca

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Hotel Abril 37 is located at Paseo Sant Nicolau 37 in Ciutadella de Menorca. As a curiosity, the original name of street was República Argentina, it was changed after the Spanish Civil War, to the current name Paseo Sant Nicolau.

How to arrive

From the airport you can arrive by bus, which is the most economic option or rent a car. You can also arrive by taxi, but this is perhaps the most expensive option.
When you arrive in Ciutadella, you should find Plaza de los Pinos and from there you will find Sant Nicolau Street, where the hotel is located.
If you arrive by bus, you can take a taxi from the bus station, number of the taxi office is 971 48 22 22.
If you go on foot, it is about twenty to thirty minutes from the bus station to the hotel.

Location map

Passeig Sant Nicolau, 37
07760 - Ciutadella de Menorca
Balearic Islands - Spain
Info and reservations (+34) 971 48 92 57 (+34) 636 59 12 39